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  • The world's first data training programme to recreate the experience of working in a high performance data team
  • Created and delivered by industry experts from Mastercard, Expedia and Experian
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Andria Ellis


Data Analyst


Merchandise Category Analyst


Data Analyst

Data Engineer At Allianz


Data Engineer


Data Analyst


Data Analyst

The Experience Accelerator

Why we created the Experience Accelerator

Universities, bootcamps, and online courses do not give people that critical experience

In today’s world, employers value people with professional experience solving real business challenges. Universities, bootcamps, and online courses do not give people that critical experience (just the theory and technical skills).

The Experience Accelerator is different.
We train you in the technical skills demanded by
employers and then put you to work!

The Experience Accelerator is different.
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1 Experience Accelerator, 2 Job Tracks

Data &

For career switchers and recent graduates looking to launch their career in data. Part-time & full-time options available!

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For those with 1/2+ years of commercial data or software experience looking to take their career to the next level!

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Welcome to Prism

Prism is an artificial company we created to push immersive, scenario based learning to a whole new level

You will be the part of their new data team helping drive the business towards its goal of becoming an industry leader. 

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Prism backstory:

Prism backstory:
  • Recently acquired by a large US investment firm
  • Big growth plans
  • A mission to become data driven
Prism backstory:
Your role

Your role:

Your role
  • Once we’ve trained you with Prism’s tech stack, you join Prism’s data team to support their data revolution
  • Work on real world data projects such as customer segmentations, performance dashboards & forecasts, and forecasting customer demand
  • All in a safe and supported environment, led by our industry expert coaching team
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Choose the learning schedule that suits you

Cohort 4 - iO-Sphere

Full time

An intensive 10 week programme to fast track your success

  • Graduate in 10 weeks
  • 40 hours of study per week
  • A blend of online and face to face learning
  • A fully remote option now available for Data & Analytics!
Data & Analytics
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Data Engineering
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Cohort 4 Experience Accelerator

Part time

Flexible Learning to suit your personal commitments

  • Graduate in 16 weeks
  • 16 hours of study per week (3 weekday evenings)
  • Fully remote
Data & Analytics
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iO-Sphere's Data

iO-Sphere's Data Professionals

Launch & Accelerate Your Data Career with Us

Cohort 4 Experience Accelerator

Meet the Team

Cohort 4 - iO-Sphere

Appy in action!

Cohort 2 Graduating

How it works

step 01


Make it through our application process and onto the Experience Accelerator

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step 02


We train you in the modern data tech stack to be effective in your role

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step 03


You come to work for Prism (our artificial company) to support its mission to become an industry leader

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We support you for 6 months after the Experience Accelerator with career coaching, continued technical upskilling and more real world projects

What you’ll learn in this bootcamp

The Experience Accelerator consists of 3 sections: Acquire, Apply and Accelerate. During Acquire you will learn the most in-demand technical skills. In Apply, you will use those technical skills working in teams on real world projects for Prism (our artificial company). In Accelerate, we will support you for 6 months with dedicated career coaching, continued technical training and more real world projects. 



During Acquire, we give you both the professional skills and technical skills that you need as a data analyst. Our coaching team, who all come from industry, support you to hone your skills through engaging sessions, hands-on activities and group coaching. Acquire is the first half of the programme, fully remote and is delivered in partnership with Datacamp.

Tech stack you will learn on each track

Data & Analytics
Power BI
Data Engineering
Power BI


During the second half of the programme we give you hands-on experience of working in a data team. This is where our immersive scenario comes to life and you get a unique opportunity to Apply the skills you’ve learned during Acquire. You will be part of a data team at a fictional e-commerce company called Prism - you will get to work with real-world data solving real business challenges.

Real World Projects:

Data Analyst
Measuring Performance
Customer Segmentation
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Recommender Systems
Final Business Case
Data Engineering
Data Warehousing: Data Marts, Architecture & Schema
Efficient Design: Incremental Strategies, Views, Sharding, Clustering and Partitioning
dbt: Building, Testing and Monitoring Pipelines
Understanding Analytics: Business KPIs
Final Business Case


The Accelerate section of the programme is all about getting you a job – our top priority! We provide you with ongoing CV and LinkedIn reviews, and interview practice. We also provide continuous technical training through asynchronous learning via DataCamp so that you can continue to work on projects and your technical & professional skills!

What You Will Get:

Expert career coaching
Continued Technical Upskilling
More real world projects

The Best Value Intensive Data Programme

400 hours of intensive training and coaching led by industry experts, followed by 6 months of continued career support

The Full Time Experience Accelerator

When do you pay the fees?

Pay £600 to secure your place on the programme
Pay the remaining course fees only once you’ve secured a job offer! 

Pay upfront:


Upon securing a job offer:

Pay in one go:


Pay over 12 months


Pay over 24 months


Get Hired by an iO-Sphere employer partner?

Pay Nothing

When you get hired by an iO-Sphere network employer, they cover the cost of your training with us!

We work with some of the most exciting employers in the UK and we're adding more every month!

Completely free


The Part Time Experience Accelerator

When do you pay the fees?
Pay £600 to secure your place on the programme
Pay the remaining fees once you start training

The best value intensive data training programme in the UK. We're half the cost of standard bootcamps!

Flexible payment plans to suit your needs. Pay upfront or over 12 or 24 months!

Pay upfront:


Pay over 12 months


Pay over 24 months


Hear from others who have used the Experience Accelerator to take the next step in their data career

"Thank you so much for helping me land this job, you guys have changed my life! "

From Finance and Operations Manager
To Data Analyst

Hear from others who have used the Experience Accelerator to take the next step in their data career

"Thank you all for a transformative experience on the Data Analyst programme – I thought that the programme was thoughtfully laid out and that it integrated professional development very well. The result of this is now that I am much more self-assured in my job application process, I feel like a Data Analyst already and feel like part of a community that I can continuously learn from."

From Research and Engagement Officer
To Data Specialist

Hear from others who have used the Experience Accelerator to take the next step in their data career

"The course and the support of the coaches have exceeded my expectations, and you have more than delivered on the promise that I could be full time employed as a data analyst after finishing. I am feeling really excited about the job and starting my new role at the beginning of July . It is such a relief to have an offer and for it to be for the role I was most interested in and for more money than I was expecting"

From Maths Teacher
To Data Analyst

Hear from others who have used the Experience Accelerator to take the next step in their data career

"I’m here today to prove the iO-Sphere model works. I’ve not only learned the technical skills but applied these to real world business problems"

From Clinical Psychometric Assessment Technician
To BI Analyst @Zenbox

Ready to get started?

Explore the different job tracks within the Experience Accelerator

Created and delivered by data industry experts

All of our coaches come from industry and have done the job themselves. This means they have the insight into exactly what skills and experience employers value most. 

Personalised coaching from masters in their field

Industry leading ratio of 1 coach for every 10 trainees

Learn from experts who have led data teams at Expedia, Mastercard & Ocado

What Our Students Say About Us

Aadil Mohamed

"Thank you for the invaluable Data Analyst Experience at IO Sphere. The guidance from coaches and team collaboration enhanced my skills and understanding of data analysis. The practical insights gained were instrumental, equipping me for success in this dynamic field. This certificate serves as a testament to the acquired skills and collaborative spirit fostered during this enriching experience. Grateful for the comprehensive learning opportunity and excited to apply these skills in future endeavors."


Retail Supervisor

From Retail Supervisor
To Data Data Operations Analyst @ Annalect

Will Taylor

"A truly engaging and immersive training programme that successfully prepares you for a career in data analysis. You will build a varied technical skill set, understand how to tackle and solve typical business problems and receive invaluable guidance in your job search. The coaches, each with their own specialties, are incredibly supportive while you'll also learn a lot from your fellow trainees, who come from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and experiences. I would have no hesitation recommending iO-Sphere to anyone."


Data Quality Manager

From Data Quality Manager
To Data Data & Operations Analyst @ Ellipse

"Thank you all for a transformative experience on the Data Analyst programme – I thought that the programme was thoughtfully laid out and that it integrated professional development very well. The result of this is now that I am much more self-assured in my job application process, I feel like a Data Analyst already and feel like part of a community that I can continuously learn from."


Data Specialist

From Research and Engagement Officer
To Data Data Specialist @ L’Oreal

"Thank you to the incredible iO Sphere team and coaches for this truly wonderful experience. I can't believe the phenomenal amount of skills and experience I have gained in this period of time and I'm super excited to take it further! I recommend this programme to anyone who wants to get into the Data field."


Commercial Analyst

From Accounts Payable Manager
To Data Commercial Analyst @ British Airways


The Programme
Entry Requirements
Selection Process
Funding & Fees
Employer Placement

The Programme

  • I’m currently located outside the UK but have the right to work. Can I apply?

    You are welcome to apply, but please note attendance to the in-person portion of the programme is mandatory. We are a UK business focussed on serving UK based trainees and UK employers. We also have a fully remote Part-Time programme that you can apply for if you are not planning to relocated to the UK.

  • Can international applicants apply?

    We love for international applicants to participate in our Experience Accelerator! It is the best, most employer-led data training programme in the UK. We give you the experience you need in order to confidently apply to jobs in data.

    For those without the permanent right to work in the United Kingdom, you are still able to participate in our Experience Accelerator by paying the full course fees in advance or in instalments over the course of the programme. This is the same price that all of our trainees pay and you will receive the exact same level of coaching and ongoing career support.

    The reason that we are not able to fund the up-front training costs for international candidates, is that we are unable to guarantee your future right to work in the UK. In order to participate, you must still meet the entry requirements and pass the interview process.

    This model applies to:

    – Student visas or Post Study Work Visas (PSWs)
    – Other temporary visas lasting less than 3 years*
    – Visas without work authorisation
    *If you are on a Spousal Visa, you may be eligible for the standard fee model unless there is less than 1 year to your visa expiry date, in which case the temporary visa fees will apply. Your spouse must not be on a temporary work visa.

    Please note that as a full fee paying student, you will not be eligible for the Fellowship programme.

  • What technical equipment will I need?

    You will be using your own laptop through the duration of the course and we will provide the relevant licenses as we move through the course. However, please note that we cannot provide technical support for Macs, and we require the PC Desktop version of both Excel and Power BI.

    This means that Mac users will need to purchase a Parallels subscription (about £90) and troubleshoot issues that arise on their own. We have found that some students find it easier to borrow a PC from a friend or family member for the duration of the course.

  • Where does the training take place?

    The first part of the Experience Accelerator (ACQUIRE) is online and the second part (APPLY) is a combination of online and face-to-face.

    During APPLY, you will need to be able to attend our training location in either London or Manchester for a minimum of 3 days every week.

  • What are the course times?

    The Experience Accelerator runs Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. We observe UK bank holidays. On rare occasions some sessions may last later in the day and advanced notice will be provided. We do our best to ensure mandatory sessions do not conflict with religious observances and are used to working with people from all different backgrounds, religions, and cultural groups. If you do have any questions or require any specific accommodation, please contact us at info@io-sphere.io.

    The part-time commitment (a minimum of 14 hours per week) of the Acquire portion for the experienced tracks (Advanced Analytics, Data Scientist, Analytics Engineering, and Data Leadership) is in place for those who are working full-time during Acquire. For those who are not working full-time, we encourage you to actively take part in as much of the full-time Acquire programme as possible! The Experience Accelerator is one big programme encompassing all 5 job profiles, each with their own technical and professional curriculum. There is a full schedule of content running through Acquire as the Data & Analytics track is full-time throughout the Experience Accelerator, and those sessions are open to all of our trainees.

  • What makes IO-Sphere and its training model (Experience Accelerator) different?

    Unlike traditional training bootcamps, we focus on delivering a fully immersive experience that recreates what it’s like to be part of a high performing team – consider it more like a structured internship than a traditional classroom experience. This means our trainees graduate ready to hit the ground running with the employer they join.

Entry Requirements

  • Why does iO-Sphere not accept academic experience for the experienced and leadership programmes?

    In order to qualify for our experienced tracks (senior analyst, data scientist, and analytics engineer), we require a minimum of 1-2 years of commercial, hands-on work experience in data. For our leadership track, we require a minimum of 4-5 years of similar experience.

    We are not able to accept prior academic experience either in a masters degree, PhD, or research, as we find that the gap between academia and industry is too big. The approaches to depth of knowledge, work, and application are very different!

    For those switching out of academia, the data analyst experience accelerator is the best one for you! This programme runs concurrently to the experienced tracks with a heavy focus on the soft-skills, professional skills, and business acumen that are required in order to land your first job in industry. If you’re concerned that you will be alone making that transition – don’t be! We generally have 4-5 PhDs or post-docs in any given experience accelerators.

  • Why does iO-Sphere only train Data Scientists at the experienced level?

    In order to qualify for iO-Sphere’s Data Science Experience Accelerator, we require a minimum of 1-2 years of commercial work experience in data. There are two main reasons:
    1. True entry-level roles in data science are rare and as a result we cannot guarantee an entry-level job offer after graduating from the programme. The majority of entry-level roles are more aligned to the content in our data analyst experience accelerator, even if the jobs themselves might have a data science title
    2. Building machine learning (ML) models isn’t the hard part of being a data scientist or ML specialist. For a lot of commercial applications at a lot companies, just a few lines of python will build you a model. What’s really hard is being able to manage the end-to-end process of project scoping, requirements gathering, stakeholder management, data gathering, pipeline building and monitoring (including data quality!), deploying models into production, monitoring their performance, ML ops, and change management/adoption – that all comes with experience.

    We find that the best data scientists have a healthy respect for data and data quality, and strong business acumen that has been built up through some commercial experience in data, and that’s why we require it as a pre-requisite for our Data Science Experience Accelerator.
    Is it possible to land a role as a data scientist after doing our data analyst experience accelerator? Yes! Many of the skills are transferable, but we are just not able to guarantee that entry-level trainees would be able to land a job as a data scientist for the reasons above.

  • What is the difference between a data analyst and data scientist?

    There is no standard definition of a data scientist or data analyst in industry – it’s often defined by the company or team itself. There is often a lot of overlapping skills – both technical and soft/professional. At iO-Sphere, we think about the difference in terms of what the output usually is from their work:
    Data Analysts: Create insights, recommendations, work on strategic decisions, build reports and dashboards, automate workflows and processes, use statistical techniques to create forecasts, understand causes and effects, analyse tests, etc. Analytics is often the quicker route to value realisation by companies because it doesn’t rely on infrastructure and deployment capabilities. This is often the harder job because it requires excellent interpersonal skills and very strong business acumen
    Data Scientists: Build products that automate decision making – mostly in the form of statistical models but sometimes much simpler decision trees. Statistical models can range from simpler linear regression through to much more complicated machine learning algorithms. These roles tend to be more complicated technically – and a lot of the difficulty exists in the end-to-end process management of model building.

  • Do I need a Maths A-Level or equivalent to apply?

    No, you do not!

    The majority of our applicants do have a Maths A-Level or equivalent, however we have had very successful trainees who do not. The reason we ask for a Maths A-Level or equivalent is that the Experience Accelerator is an intensive training programme, and we do not have time to cover maths and general numeracy during the programme itself. We have purposely compressed the Experience Accelerator down into 10-weeks in order to get people through, trained up, and back onto the job market as quickly as possible. That means that during the programme we focus on the skills and experience that are required to be a data professional.

    One of the big myths in data is that you need to be an advanced maths wizz in order to be successful. That simply is not true. If you don’t have an A-Level and are comfortable working with numbers, looking at distributions, some algebra, understand some statistics (means, modes, medians, normal distributions), and are keen to learn and up-skill, you should be fine! One great place to up-skill on maths for free if you are worried is Khan Academy (https://www.khanacademy.org/).

    We recommend the high school statistics (https://www.khanacademy.org/math/probability), Algebra Units 1-12 (https://www.khanacademy.org/math/algebra), and Probabilities Units 1-12 (Units 13-16 are good, just a bit more advanced) (https://www.khanacademy.org/math/statistics-probability).

    For those with a Maths A-Level, and are worried it’s been too long and it’s all forgotten. Don’t worry! Half of our trainees are career-switchers with an average of 5-7 years of experience and up to 20+. You can also brush up using Khan Academy, and there will be some refresher materials during the programme. If you are concerned, please reach out to info@io-sphere.io.

    If you do not have a maths A-Level, please select ‘No’ or ‘Unsure’ on your application and give a bit of background about your own experience and skill in maths and numeracy.

    What equivalents do we accept? We are looking for a higher level of study than GCSEs in a numerate discipline – economics, physics, biology, chemistry. Many university courses like psychology will have an introduction to statistics. International equivalents are also accepted.

  • Which Experience Accelerator is right for me?

    iO-Sphere’s Experience Accelerator is the best data training programme in the UK and the only one that recreates what it’s like to work in a modern data team. We do this because it’s not just technical skills that are required to be a great data professional – you need hands on experience using those skills and working with real data, across job functions, and in a real data team.

    The Experience Accelerator is an intensive training programme that runs for 10-weeks at a time and trains for five job profiles across three experience levels, all in one big programme:

    – Entry level – Data & Analytics: the track for career-switchers and career-starters. This track requires no prior commercial work experience in data and is for the majority of our trainees. Over the course of the 10-weeks, we will take you from no experience in data to being a fully functioning data analyst

    – Experienced – Advanced Analytics, Data Science, and Analytics Engineering: for those with at least 1-2 years of prior commercial work experience in data who are looking to take their career to the next level. Over the course of the 10-weeks, we will specialise you technically into your chosen job profile, and also teach you how to work effectively across job profiles using agile as a methodology

    – Leader – Data Leaders, People Managers: the track for those with significant experience in data (min 4 years) as a technical individual contributor who want to take the next step in their career and learn how to properly manage and lead technical teams

    All of our tracks and job profiles will interact with each other during the programme, creating a very rich environment that accelerates learning and development of all of our trainees. If we find that you would do better in a different track, then it is easy to move you across during the programme.

  • Who is this programme for?

    The Experience Accelerator is for anyone looking to kickstart or accelerate their career in analytics and data. There are only a limited available places on each cohort so it will be selective but it really doesn’t matter who you are and what your background is.

    Applicants must be based in the UK, have the appropriate Right to Work, have completed their education and be available to accept a full time job.

Selection Process

  • Can I switch cohorts or join a different one?

    Absolutely! We understand that your schedule and preferences may change. That’s why we offer the flexibility to switch cohorts or explore new options to better suit your needs.

    In 2024, we have a lineup of cohorts scheduled. To stay in the loop and receive timely updates about upcoming cohorts, simply register your interest with us here!

  • What is the selection process for the programme?

    There are only 2 steps in our application process!
    1. Submit your application form online here.
    2. If your application is successful, you will be invited for an interview with one of our experienced team members.

Funding & Fees

  • Are there any hidden fees or exit fees?

    We are committed to providing an amazing and transparent student experience. There are no hidden fees or exit fees, and you’re not locked into a long-term contract with us or an employer you don’t get to choose. We have spent a lot of time constructing the funding model to be as accessible, affordable and transparent as possible!

  • How much does the Experience Accelerator cost?

    iO-Sphere is the only data training programme in the UK that guarantees that you will get a job offer, and you don’t pay any course fees until you do! We put our money where our mouth is. If you get a job within our network of employers then your training is free because your employer covers the full cost.

    Standard Model – For those with the permanent right to work in the UK:

    For all of our full-time trainees, iO-Sphere then funds the full up front costs of your training. This ensures that bright, ambitious people from any backgrounds can access great training and achieve their career goals off the back of it.

    The majority of our graduates will get a job offer outside of our network of employers. In that case, we offer the full training programme at only our cost to deliver it. This is inclusive of the course reservation fee of £600. iO-Sphere does not make money off of trainees getting jobs outside of the network – giving you access to the best UK training programme in data at cost. Pretty incredible!

    Especially when you consider that bootcamps cost £9,000-£12,000 and don’t give you the experience you need to land a job in data. Masters degrees can cost up to £33,000!

    In order to make repayments as simple as possible, we have partnered with an instalment provider to enable our trainees to repay iO-Sphere over 12 and 24 months. It’s important to note that you will only start these instalments once your new salary is coming in.
    In those cases, the course fees are higher to accounts for the fees paid to the 3rd party and to service the instalments. There are additional checks done by the 3rd party to ensure that future instalments are affordable.

    To recap:
    1) You pay a £600 (£500+vat) course reservation fee to confirm your place on the programme – this is to ensure that you complete the programme. The course reservation fee is refundable if you secure a job with one of our hiring partners or do not receive a qualifying job offer.
    2) iO-Sphere then funds all the up-front costs of your training!
    3) If you land a job with one of our hiring partners – then you pay nothing for your training – they will cover your training fees.
    4) You only pay the course fees if you land a job with an employer outside of our network. We offer the programme direct to you as a consumer at our cost to deliver it. iO-Sphere does not make money off of out-of-network placements.
    5) We offer two payment plans to help you spread the cost of the Experience Accelerator over a longer period: a) a 12-month plan and b) a 24-month plan. The difference in price is to account for 3rd party payment processing fees and the costs to service the instalments. Instalments are only taken once you start to receive your new salary.

    For those with a student or temporary visa, please refer to ‘Can international applicants apply?‘

    Fellowship Programme

    Our Fellowship Programme supports our mission by going one step further and provides financial assistance to support a select and limited number of high-potential individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds through each cohort of the Experience Accelerator.

    Over the past 12 months, iO-Sphere has supported over 30 Fellowship recipients with a stipend to support their cost of living. Recipients include refugees, carers for family members, individuals from low-income backgrounds, and other disadvantaged groups who otherwise would not be able to afford the time to train. We are so proud to have watched them succeed on our programmes, and more importantly, go on to land amazing jobs in data – helping them to achieve their career goals.

    The Fellowship covers all the up-front costs of your training to support breaking down the financial barriers of breaking into careers in data. There are no costs to you for the training programme – it is completely free. Furthermore, Fellowship trainees are provided with a stipend to support their cost of living through the programme so that they can fully focus on the programme.

    If you aren’t selected for the Fellowship programme, we also have a number of other bursaries, scholarships, and alternative financial arrangements that you may qualify for – please discuss with your interviewer after application.

Employer Placement

  • Will I be able to continue the programme if I secure a job during the training period?

    Yes! If your job offer allows it, you are welcome to complete the programme before starting your new role. You also have the option to drop out at any point of the programme to take up your new role (please note that you will be liable for any fees up to the point of withdrawal. Please see our Cancellation Policy for more details).

  • What is a qualifying job offer?

    It is a full time offer of employment for a gross salary which is at least £30,000. If you accept a job below this threshold and stop your job search, you will still be liable to pay the full fees. We invest upfront in your training and offer the programme below the cost of delivery so that we can keep lowering the financial barriers to accessing great careers and training.

    Some of our students do choose to end their job search early and to accept a role below a qualifying offer, and in those cases they still owe the course fees. Our programme represents the best value for money that is out there and that’s because we are laser focused on getting you a job!

  • How does IO-Sphere help me get a job?

    We use the 10-weeks of the Experience Accelerator to identify the top performers on behalf of our partner employers regardless of previous experience and background. We are able to do this because the programme allows us to assess individuals across multiple dimensions over time including communication, collaboration, prioritisation, professionalism, working under pressure, technical skills, critical thinking and problem solving, etc. When introductions are then requested by our partner employers, we provide them with the CVs of our top performers for them to interview, but ultimately it is still up to the hiring company to offer a position and the individual’s decision to accept it. We aim for the top 40-50% of our Trainees profiles to be shared with our partner employers and the top 20% to receive an offer from a partner, however this depends on the hiring requirements of our partners and the career aspirations of our Trainees. We have a full-time team of four experienced data professionals that are continuously growing the employer network, you can see them here.

    The majority of our graduates receive offers from employers that are outside the iO-Sphere network. We support all of our Trainees after graduation as part of the Accelerate section of our Experience Accelerator, which includes weekly career coaching, interview prep, practice interviews, continuous technical upskilling, CV reviews, and LinkedIn reviews. This gives all of our Trainees the flexibility to pursue their career in data, however they would like to and not just be limited to the iO-Sphere network of employers. If you do get a job outside of the iO-Sphere network, that is when you pay back a portion of the cost of your training. The best thing about Accelerate is that it begins as soon as you start the Experience Accelerator and ends when you get a job or 6 months after the programme finishes. 82% of our first cohort had an offer within 4 months of graduating, and we expect 90%+ within 6 months. We won’t stop until you get a job!

  • Which employers are you working with?

    We are currently working with more than 20 employers and they range from big brands names you’ll be very familiar with, fast growth businesses, specialist data consultancies and SME’s.

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