Cohort 7 Graduates as Data Masters


July 5, 2024

About iO-Sphere

A huge congratulations on our most recent cohort’s graduation! Each of our cohorts put in tonnes of hours and the hard work into bettering themselves and taking that next step in their future.

10-Weeks of hard work for a lifetime of career wins. Our Experience Accelerator immerses people into data training and job-like situations, so that our students can step out job ready. And trust us, we can’t wait to see the amazing roles and futures that our graduates have lined up for them!

Our goal is to bridge the gap between being technically excellent and landing a job in data. That’s why Prism is built into our curriculum. Our students are able to practise what they learn, meaning by the time they graduate they are confident in their skills and able to solve problems on the go. 
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