Data Training with Wise


June 6, 2024

For Individuals

At iO-Sphere, it is our mission to break down the barriers to data education and help people tap into their full data potential. After a very successful day of training the analytics team at Wise, we are just more convinced that understanding data is a need for every company. 

In the morning, we ran through technical sessions on python, forecasting, and LLMs as well as coaching as a management style. In the afternoon we focused on problem structuring, effective analytics, and storytelling to drive measurable business impact.

In today’s data-driven world, it is crucial that teams have a good understanding of how to work with and analyse data in order to harness its power to help your business grow. 

Should You Schedule A Data Training Day?

If you find yourself answering yes to most of these questions, data literacy training may just be in the books for you and your team. Trust us, you’ll most definitely be seeing real results from it in now time? 

  1. Are you wanting to grow your business but feel like your hands are tied to limited information?
  2. Do most of your systems rely on data collection and analysis?
  3. Do your teams separately use data analysis in decision making, but there isn’t one unified golden thread of data-driven decision making?
  4. Do you think your business has reached a threshold in understanding how to use data and needs to take the next step?

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