The Importance Of Guest Speakers


April 26, 2024

About iO-Sphere, For Individuals

“The quality of the talent that we’ve hired from iO-sphere’s training programme is exceptional, adding immediate value to our business.” – Paul Alexander, Chief Executive Officer of Beyond 

We believe in the importance of bringing in different thoughts, perspectives and insight to the growing world of data.

The rapid growth in the data landscape means that there are countless perspectives and ways of looking at data. The Experience Accelerator opens up doors for people who come from different backgrounds to step into the world of data. That’s why bringing in guest speakers is an absolutely essential part of our programme. 

Some of our guest speakers include Paul Alexander, the CEO of Beyond. Beyond is a prominent player in the field of data analysis consultancy services and is renowned for its expertise in AI, data science, and technology consulting. Arwa, a past iO-Sphere Student and now successful Business Intelligence Analyst at Zendbox.

We’ve also had incredible and engaging sessions with Hazel Muhtar who is a director at Wise and runs Women In Data!

In all our guest speaker sessions, our students actively engage in thought provoking conversations with the speaker. Expanding on their knowledge of the data landscape, and what their future role in that could be. Moreover, having the opportunity to have past iO-Sphere trainees come in as a guest speakers shows each of our students the potential of The Experience Accelerator.

If you want to be part of our growing community of passionate data professionals, join us for our next guest speaker session – or get in contact with us today! 

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