Why we created iO-Sphere


February 1, 2024

About iO-Sphere


  1. How do you get the experience without ever being given the experience?
  2. Changing the way training and sourcing talent happens
  3. Break down financial barriers
  4. Open up the workforce to diverse teams
  5. Why are we so passionate about diversity?

How do you get the experience without ever being given the experience?

After years in the data industry, we realised something was not working. 

Working in data and later in sourcing, screening, onboarding, and fast-tracking of careers, we very quickly saw there was a chasm between the talented individuals seeking jobs in data and employers looking to hire. Despite jobs being readily available, and an abundance of people wanting to enter the workforce – these two never crossed paths. 

It all boiled down to one thing. Experience. 

It occurred to us that most employers or job boards were searching for data professionals with two or more years of experience. But this left us, and probably you too, asking – how do you get the experience without ever being given the experience?

A lot of people know how to code and often spend a small fortune learning the theoretical knowledge behind data. However, at the end of the day – employers are looking for practical hands-on experience. They want to know that the people they hire can operate efficiently and effectively in the workplace while bringing the best of their knowledge to the table.

Changing the way training and sourcing talent happens.

The world is constantly shifting and changing, and even more so since everything has moved online. So why not change the way you source and train talent in data? 

In order to get a job, a lot of people take part in bootcamps or get master’s degrees that can cost up to £ 25 000. We do it differently. 

From the start, we only select the best through a series of interviews to understand you better, how the program can benefit you, and how we can help you achieve the best results through our program. From there you join our ten-week course that takes place remotely as well as in person. 

You’re probably wondering, how is this different from every other training out there? This is how. 

We create a fictional company that everyone who is part of our experience accelerator works in. In this company, you have to fulfill the role that you are training in. This means that while you are learning the skills of becoming an excellent data professional, you are also very practically understanding how to function in a fully operational company. 

This includes learning softer skills of conflict management, communication, and how to truly set yourself apart in any company.

Additionally, all our coaches are sourced straight from the data industry. This means that they can give you genuine insight on how the industry works, and how you can best operate within it.

Break down financial barriers

All our training is offered at cost price. 

Something that became very clear to us, was that experience was not the only thing that was holding people back from taking the steps to join the data world. For a lot of people, the hefty prices of bootcamps and master’s degrees are simply not viable. 

That’s why we adopted a unique approach to how our funding model operates. 

To start with each person who joins the course pays a deposit of £ 600, this is just to ensure that you complete the training. From there, we have three possible outcomes:

  1. You get a job within our network of employers and they pay for all of your training
  2. You don’t get a job above a specific threshold and you don’t pay anything
  3. You get a job outside our network of employers and pay the entire cost of the training

Simply put, you don’t get a job – we don’t get paid. That’s why we’ve made it our job to ensure you do get a job.

Open up the workforce to diverse teams.

As you’ve probably realised – we do it differently. Diversity, and opening equal opportunities to everyone is at the core of who we are at iO-Sphere. For a long time, the data industry was inaccessible to different niche or minority groups. The way we’ve structured our entire company removes these barriers and opens up the world of data to anyone interested.

Why are we so passionate about diversity?

Diversity inspires growth. Over the years research has consistently shown us that diverse teams outperform their competitors. Recent statistics from Mckinsey & Company show that diverse management teams yield 43% more profit, and companies with ethnic diversity are 36% more likely to outperform their peers. 

But it’s more than that, diversity incites conversations that make us look at how we are currently doing things and revisit it. So that we can set up systems that work with people to create equal opportunities.